We are from Lake County, California. We are experienced, seasoned musicians who share a passion for music. Rock, Country, Blues and Originals are what we play. And we think we perform those genres very well! Harpo can belt out some soulful harmonica solos; Cheri lends the feminine touch to our vocals along with awesome keyboard backing; Lee is one of the best bass players you will find anywhere; Mike pounds out a solid beat on drums that gets everyone dancing; and John can really wail the solos on his surf green Jaguar guitar!


Harmonica, Vocals

Greg has played the harmonica since he was 17 years old. He also plays guitar, Kazoo, does vocals, and writes original music. Greg is the founder of Harpo and The Mojo Hands.


Kedyboard, Vocals

In her early years, Cheri learned to play the piano, mostly classical and popular music. Music and her piano never left her. Now retired, she's back to pounding her keyboards and doing lead and background vocals.


Guitar, Vocals

John grew up during the birth of rock and roll, and learned to play the guitar and keyboard at an early age. He has performed in bands since the 1960's, including The Heard who performed with such English groups as The Yardbirds, Dave Clark Five, Them and The Hollies. He writes original music, some of which is performed by the band.


Bass Guitar, Vocals

From trumpet and vibraphone, to guitar and bass, Lee is a musically trained performer. From San Francisco, he has had an illustrious musical career and is a naval veteran. He excels at rock, country, blues and latin music. His energetic showmanship brings smiles and applause to all the shows we do.


Drums, Vocals

Michael has played in bands on and off for 13 years, since he was a bassist in his high school band. He served honorably in the armed forces and is now an army veteran. For the past four years he has been working on his vocals and now he is mastering the drums while singing lead and back ground vocals.




Phone:  (707) 972-9606